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Get rid of them now

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Presidential Hopeful Pushes Impeachment At Dartmouth Forum
“Our constitution is in trouble,” Kucinich said. “Are we supposed to wait for George Bush and Dick Cheney to attack Iran before we take action? We can’t wait. They’re already rattling the sabers of war against another nation. They lied to get us into a war against Iraq. They’re lying to push us into war with Iran. Why should we wait?”
Kucinich has sponsored two resolutions in Congress to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney: H. Res. 333 and H. Res. 799. He said he’s drafting an extended version relating to President Bush.
The madness that is gripping this regime (as evidenced in Iraq and soon-to-be Iran) is a problem for this country and the world. The regime's madness threatens everyone's future. Shocks to get the heart pumping in rhythm, "peace" talks that will go nowhere, and doctored reports of success in Iraq (how can there be success when our troops are still there getting killed) are not enough to stop the madness. Out of Office is the remedy. I don't think we can survive the last 18 months. That gives them too much time to venture into Iran.

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