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He was right the first time...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dennis makes the most of his limited time in CNN debate
Kucinich noted that most of the other candidates who previously voted in favor of those measures recently have changed their positions. "You've seen here tonight people who voted for the war, voted to fund the war, now they have a different position. People voted for the Patriot Act. Now they have a different position. People voted for China trade. Now they have a different position. People who voted for Yucca Mountain. Now they had a different position.
"Just imagine what it will be like to have a president of the United States who's right the first time. Just imagine," Kucinich said to thunderous applause."
The media keeps ignoring him but the people are not...
Last week, Kucinich was the top vote-getter in 47 of 50 states in an online poll sponsored by Democracy for America, the grassroots Democratic organization founded in 2004 by former Vermont Governor, former Presidential candidate, and current chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean. Kucinich even out-polled former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore, whose supporters mounted a huge write-in campaign to encourage Gore to enter the race. This week, Kucinich is far ahead of fellow candidates Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards in a poll sponsored by the progressive “The Nation.”

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