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Reason to bomb?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Iran's Revolutionary Guards patrol Persian Gulf, U.S. says

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has taken command of Iranian naval operations in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. military has revealed.
That means U.S. naval forces are operating in the same waters as an organization the United States considers a major supporter of terrorist activity.
The move is of concern to the U.S. Navy, which has long viewed the IRGC's forces as more antagonistic than Iran's regular navy.
Several U.S. Navy officials said the move is militarily significant for the United States because of the IRGC's terrorist affiliation. U.S. Navy ships would not want IRGC vessels sailing too close to them because of that concern, they said.
So let's get this straight. We declare them terrorists. They patrol their waters. Our ships are patrolling on the edge of their waters. They are "terrorists." We blow them out of the water because they are "too close?"

Yeah, this sounds like good logical diplomacy.

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