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What has Bush created?

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Inevitable 'Union of Four': Turkey-Iran-Syria and Russia
Surprisingly, American strategists seem to be encouraging Turkey and Iran to join forces to stop the violent attacks by the Kurds at the cost of losing Turkey as a faithful ally. Sympathy by the Turkish people for the U.S. has plummeted over recent years and will take decades to recover.
The next stage will be escalating high-level cooperation between Turkey, Iran and Syria, and this is moving forward as well.
And the political strategies of Russia and Turkey will merge due to common allies in Syria and Iran, shared economic interests and a shared aversion to America's global policies - in particular its actions in Iraq. Countries that were once historical opponents will become partners as a new Eurasian coalition comes into force.
The final result of the region's aversion to American policies will be the formation of the "Union of Four:" Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria. Of course, this rapprochement between Ankara, Moscow, Damascus and Teheran will certainly affect Washington's position in the Middle East.
And the US? Still in Iraq, still threatening Iran, in the throes of a major economic downturn, unable to help our own because of the military budget and the dollars lost in the war...

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