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Remember Peace

Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Veteran's Day it is important to remember the vets. But also important to strive for peace (everyday).

At a Veteran's Day Parade some antiwar vets participated...

Antiwar veterans passed out leaflets and carried signs opposing the war in Iraq yesterday after winning a last-minute right to march in this city’s annual Veterans Day parade.About 50 marchers displayed peace signs and banners with messages like “Iraq is Just Vietnam in the Desert,” “Bring Our Troops Home Where They Belong,” and “Bush Lies.”

They were greeted with bursts of applause by some parade-watchers and shouts of criticism by others.

“Go find another parade!” yelled one man.

They were at the correct parade. They had every right to participate. Though they don't agree with this war, they are still veterans. Maybe we should listen to them, their experiences, their feelings.

The parade is to honor them, not glorify war!

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