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Send them all to jail

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Move to Impeach Not Another Distraction
While Welch and other Democrats continue to talk about impeachment being a distraction to more important priorities, such as ending the war in Iraq, the reality is that the Democrats haven’t figured out yet that none of the issues they hold dear will be accomplished until Bush and Cheney are removed from office.
A Democratic majority was elected to Congress last year to end the war in Iraq and rein in the Bush administration. Neither thing has happened. On issue after issue, the Democrats have caved in to Bush. And impeachment remains off the table.
Under House rules, Kucinich or any other member could introduce a motion for impeachment every day that Congress is in session. We think that sounds like a good idea. The administration has committed many crimes that rise to the level of impeachment — chief among them lying about the need to invade Iraq and sending this country into war based upon those lies. But Congress will not carry out its constitutional duties.
Bush and Cheney must not be allowed to leave office without being held accountable for their behavior. History will not look at the current members of Congress kindly if they fail to do what is right and necessary to preserve our democracy.
Send them all home - W, Uncle Dick, the regime and all elected officials who are allowing the regime to stay in power. Do our elected officials want to really get down to the people's business or do some of them want to continue funding the war machine and maybe line their own next-campaign coffers?

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