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Erica Jong and Kucinich

Monday, January 14, 2008

Erica Jong: We Deserve What We Get

This column is not about Hillary vs. Obama vs. Edwards. The truth is if I had the choice I'd vote for Dennis Kucinich because he's against the war, for the impeachment of war criminals in government, smart on the environment and the economy, and he has a sense of humor about UFOS. He's not afraid to joke about 'em for fear he'll be labeled a nutcase -- as indeed he was.
But I don't have that option. Kucinich represents my views, but he only got 1% in New Hampshire. Too bad.
I want to talk not about candidates but about our media turning every presidential election into a high school popularity contest. And we let them get away with it. And we don't stop Rupert Murdoch, Clear Channel, Disney, GE, Sumner Redstone and a few others from owning all the media all the time.
It's the way of today's society - more interested in what Brit is up to, more interested in little sound bites, more interested in what the MSM dishes out. Maybe they get what they deserve, but what about everyone else?

Take the time to read about the positions each candidate takes. Think for yourself and don't blindly accept what the party or the talking head tells you.

If we all do that, we WILL elect the best.

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