- Peace Garden: Get out sooner - for the sake of all!

Get out sooner - for the sake of all!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The End of the Road for George W. Bush is a piece by Chris Hedges. He writes about W and his trip to the Mid East. He talks about the possibility that W will strike out against Iran. He talks about the loser W really is.

Love the last paragraph:

It is the end of the road for George Bush. The world takes less and less notice of him. He strutted and swaggered across the stage. He bellowed and raged. He plundered and murdered. And now he wants to be anointed as a peacemaker. His presidency, like his life, has been a tragic waste. But he at least he has a life. There are tens of thousands of mute graves in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan that stand as stark testaments to his true legacy. If he wants to redeem his time in office he should kneel before one and ask for forgiveness.
Can we expect W to go out quietly? I doubt it!

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