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Saudia Arabia - terror source?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents
...records of 606 foreign fighters who entered Iraq between August 2006 and August 2007. The cache of documents was discovered last fall by U.S. forces in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.
Based on the Sinjar records, U.S. military officials in Iraq said they now think that nine out of 10 suicide bombers have been foreigners, compared with earlier estimates of 75 percent. Similarly, they assess that 90 percent of foreign fighters entering Iraq during the one-year period ending in August came via Syria, a greater proportion than previously believed.
Although Saudi Arabia was by far the most common country of origin of foreign fighters, with about 40 percent of the total, a surprising share -- 19 percent -- came from Libya. Overall, about 40 percent were North African.
Why focus on Iran and Syria? It is clear that Saudi Arabia is the "source." Instead of W having tea and crumpets with the Sauds, maybe we should sanction them. Oh that's right - we're friends and they own half of Congress.

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