- Peace Garden: Surging into new lands?

Surging into new lands?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan
President Bush’s senior national security advisers are debating whether to expand the authority of the Central Intelligence Agency and the military to conduct far more aggressive covert operations in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
The new options for expanded covert operations include loosening restrictions on the C.I.A. to strike selected targets in Pakistan, in some cases using intelligence provided by Pakistani sources, officials said. Most counterterrorism operations in Pakistan have been conducted by the C.I.A.; in Afghanistan, where military operations are under way, including some with NATO forces, the military can take the lead.
With the previous info (posted a few weeks ago about our increased presence) I asked who has final authorization? White House? Congress? Shouldn't it be the PEOPLE?

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