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Who's No. 1?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Iran has sped up missile development

Iran has accelerated development of its long-range missiles that could reach Europe within several years, director of the US Missile Defence Agency Henry Obering said Wednesday. "I believe that we have very much to be concerned about from (Iran)," he told a Prague conference on possibilities for Czech companies and scientists to participate in the US missile defence system proposed for Eastern Europe. Iran was the third most active country in "flight-testing missiles behind Russia and China" last year, Obering said. "They are developing ranges of missiles that go far beyond anything they would need in a regional fight, for example with Israel," he added. "Why are they developing missiles today that would be possible to reach Europe within a few years?" he asked. "Are we going to sit by and allow ourselves not to be able to defend against a coercive threat or an actual threat, should that evolve?"
A few questions Hank:
  1. Where do we and Israel stand as far as testing activities? Or do you just mention the "evil" nations?
  2. What about our range of missiles? Do ours go beyond a "regional fight?"
  3. What do you suggest? Use our long range missiles to wipe out Iran?

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