- Peace Garden: Shifting from Iran to Pakistan?

Shifting from Iran to Pakistan?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pentagon airs new concerns about al-Qaida
THE Pentagon is "extremely concerned" about al-Qaida operations in Pakistan, US military chief Admiral Michael Mullen said.
Asked about al-Qaida in Pakistan, Admiral Mullen said: "We know it is having a significant impact, not just in Afghanistan, but certainly there are concerns about how much they have turned inward inside Pakistan."
"I am extremely concerned about this," he told a press conference.
But he said the United States was mindful of Pakistan being a sovereign country, saying: "It is really up to President (Pervez) Musharraf and his advisers in the military to address that problem directly."
Well as least he claims we'll leave it to Mushie. But with the candidates talking about bombing Pakistan, with our troop adviser numbers increasing, with the CIA ops increasing, and with Mushie saying
that US or coalition troops would not be welcome unless invited for a particular reason, such as hunting al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.
one has to wonder if W's eyes are now off Iran and looking elsewhere.

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